7 Little Words, More than Just a Puzzle Game

7 Little Words, More than Just a Puzzle Game

If you love word puzzles then you've most probably heard about 7 Little Words. A simple yet so powerful game that has been developed in 2012 by Blue Ox Family Games. While the initial game was meant to be played solely online (on both iOS and Android platforms) the rapid growth and the international acceptance from the puzzle people quickly turned 7 Little Words in a phenomenon. Nowadays 7 Little Words is played by millions of players across the globe, both online and in print syndications.

How to Play 7 Little Words?

7 Little Words is a very simple word puzzle game with no strict rules at all. All you have to do is match the given word blocks with the given clues to form the correct answers. In addition to the hundreds of puzzle packs available, there are also a total of 5 different Daily Puzzles for you to solve and enjoy. The main 7 Little Words Daily Puzzle and also the Bonus Puzzles (1,2,3 and 4 respectively). The clues given are hand-picked and could challenge even the experienced crossword lovers. Below is an example of a 7 Little Words Puzzle:

As you can see from the image given above, you have been given 7 different clues and a group of word blocks below. All you have to do is form the correct answers by joining the letters given. For example for the clue "Very tall building" the correct answer is SKY SCRA PER which forms the word SKYSCRAPER.

If you love word puzzles and are looking for the latest 7 Little Words Daily Puzzle then see the clues given below: